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Vit makt i vita huset/white power in the white house

Åsa Linderborg om boken som pekar ut Trump som fascist – besvärande ohistorisk FOTO: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP Donald Trump är en ultranationalistisk kontrarevolution mot nyliberalismen, menar danske författaren Mikkel Bolt. Men när författaren kallar presidenten för fascist får han mothugg av Åsa Linderborg KULTURidag  04:00 Detta är en kulturartikel som är…

Read More From investing in Pakistan to deploying peacekeepers in South Sudan, China’s growing clout is being felt around the globe. But does the country’s influence come with a price?

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Inside Pyongyang: How North Korea is changing Pyongyang, North Korea (CNN)I’ve just returned from my tenth reporting trip to North Korea. While the country remains closed to most of the outside world, during this trip we gained an unprecedented level of access to the lives of ordinary people.

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